I have taken up space on the Internet in a variety of places over the years.  Because the Internet never forgets (Smith and Jones-Rooy 2009), most of it is all still there.  From this page you can access such glorious past treasures as:

  1. My website from grad school that I halfheartedly updated once after I came to NYU Shanghai, but that you can read and appreciate the following:
    • Cartography: How many more places I have traveled since then!  N.b. You have no way of actually knowing about these places.
    • Vérité: How right I was and still am about all those things!
    • Extracurriculae: How many of the "things I will never do" list I've actually either accomplished (start a comic strip) or come close to (Cirque le Soir is not Cirque du Soleil but seriously how strange is that given that at the time I wrote this I had never heard of circus school?).
    • The Raw: How right I was and still am about the raw food thing!
  2. My first blog, "It's a Matter of Principle," which was written largely while I was staying on friend's couches in between sublets around NYC so I could take improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Improv Training Center instead of doing my dissertation.
  3. My third, and in my opinion most triumphant, appearance on the Internet, "Jonesrooy: Collect All Three", a series of cartoons that make no sense.  I am fairly certain that only Sarah Croco and I think they are funny.  I will always love them, especially you, Gunshot Wound the Rabbit.  Fun fact!  They were written mostly during methods classes in graduate school and also during one incredibly long drumming concert.